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The Http Server is always Open!

This is the #taja channel meeting log
Meeting Log of 04-01-2006

!!NEW!! Since Khaled and JERK OFF VONK decided to screw with a good thing, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE NEW MIRC IT SUCKS!!
Download Tmax Instead

!!NEW!! Download the Newest Tmax Digital Velocity Mirc Script
Get to Tmax

!!NEW!! Read pdf, and or adobe acrobat files with this handy utility
Adobe Acrobat Reader Latest Edition

!!NEW!! Direct X 10.0 Special Install For Windows XP
Direct X 10.0

!!NEW!! Eliminate Addware/spyware from your system with this handy utility Spy Bot Search and Destroy 1.52

Serch for E.T. with S.E.T.I. of South Dakota.... Seti@Home

The Http Server is always Open!

This is the FTP program used by channel Taja you will need to download this before you can continue on to the set up of the file!

This is the FTP Setup page to show you how to set up the ftp program you may have just downloaded! Wsftp_Le Setup

The Ftp Server Is Not Always Open

You can also ftp into the site from the www however you must contact me before I will setup an access account for you or anyone else. If you abuse the account it will be immediately terminated. Contact me at
Ftp Access Please

The Ftp Server Is Not Always Open

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