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Welcome to #Taja Everyone, TLC®... The Learning Channel!!!


To Be, or Not to Be, an OP??

OK you are an op, or aspiring to be one. Lets discuss what it takes to be an op. Op meaning "Operator" is a channel guardian, or keeper if you will other than X or W. There are many things you must know to be an Op. One of the main things you will need to know are the many Ops Commands. These lists of commands are essential to your being a good operator, which goes for any channel, and any all things in between, another factor is your desire to help others, because you as their leaders in the channels have more responsibility then any other. There are no bad members in a team, only bad leaders, and your a leader or wanting to be. My motto is either you're going to lead; follow; or you best get the hell out of my way. There are links below to take you to the rules for #taja and the command center. You will learn a lot of things there, but most is real world experience, getting out there, working your tail off, getting your hands into the mix

Next, to be an op in #taja, there are guidelines you must follow and meet to become a permanent operator, (level 100+, are considered perm ops). Find a list of requirements below.

1.) You Might be appointed to your position, this does not mean you can ignore the following.

2.) You must be in Channel (#taja) everyday for no less then 1 hour daily, for a period of 30 days straight.(Note: Very Few Excused are Accepted)

3.) You must show proof that you have read the rules, studied the ops commands, etc, you will be tested on this!!!

4.) You may or may not be op-ed during your time in channel. It is up to the owner of #taja to do that, no other op is responsible for you in that area only. More then one person will train you, and the people that teach you may or may not be an op themselves.

5.) Your first ops level is proivided by another op in channel, which will remain in effect for the first 30 days. After your given your ops by X/W you are perm/temp, or level 50 ops, remember this is the 60 day trial period where you will be working with many of the commands you learned. If you do well you will be bumped up to level 100 perm, and then whatever level you get after that is yours to decide, and based on how hard you work. (Note: All 450+ ops are appointed by the channel owner, they were appointed based on their knowledge. So the highest you can work hard for is 449 access. Then from that point you will either will be appointed or not!

6.) Remember if at anytime someone feels your not doing you job correctly during your probation period you can be removed from the list with no warning what so ever, you have a right to object to it, and explain your side, but if your found at fault your immediately removed from the running for an ops position, and you will not again be permitted to run for at least 6 months! If your not guilty of the offence you will be immediately restored to your temp ops, and a reprimand will go to the one who reported you falsely.

7.) Running for ops is not a competition, it is something earned, you are not graded on just how well you do, but attitude, personality, and many other factors that will play a major roll in you becomeing ops

8.) You have questions, ask anyone in channel. DO NOT WAIT for the owner, or higher level ops. Ask away, if you can not get an answer in #Taja then you can wait or you may go to #pagan_tea_house #Haven #30+friendlyfun #Undernet_Friends #bubbshubb #NewBeginnings I am sure someone in these channels would have an answer for you, if not you may contact Taja Help

9.)You as a trainee may be asked to temp op in the channel in special circumstance, this will be the Ops call and judgement. Special Circumstances may exist during an netsplit, a quiet time in channel, or just in case another op needs help. Be ready for it!!!!

10.) Links below to help you on your way!!! Good Luck!!!!

11.) If you cannnot make a commitment to this channel then don't even proceed!!


Ops Command Center!



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