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Welcome to #taja/TTi Everyone, TLC®... The Learning Channel!!!


#taja/TTi Disclaimer

All Links, Coding, html, or Information Provided On these web pages are copyrighted to their respective owners, and have no direct affiliation with #taja/TTi on the mIRC network, or TajaTech, Intl. PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS SITE OR #taja/TTi. By using this site, you signify your assent to these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms of use please do not use the site. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these terms at any time. Please check these terms periodically for changes. Your continued use of TajaTech Networks following the posting of changes to these terms (including but not limited to the Taja http or ftp servers) will mean you accept those changes.


#taja/TTi provides Web Link services to individuals for free, in exchange for links or information and in compliance with all of the terms and conditions. Taja services consist of information resources provided by #taja/TTi's on-line communications vendors, and subsidiary companies. These include access telecommunications and information services provided via the global Internet.

#taja/TTi Online services include access to discussion groups and chat groups on-line. Some of these discussion and chat groups may contain language or images that are intended for adults only. #taja/TTi Online discourages this activity on our system but maintains no direct control over where you, as a Subscriber, go on the Internet. Subscribers under 18 years of age must have parental or legal guardianship approval to utilize such services. TajaTech, and #taja/TTi on mIRC Undernet Servers are not responsible for any minor viewing of adult materials they may see on that network.

Terms of Use

#taja/TTi makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. #taja/TTi disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose.

#taja/TTi will not be responsible for any damage you suffer from use of its services including, but not limited to, loss of data, delays, miss-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by #taja/TTi's negligence or your own errors or omissions. #taja/TTi reserves the right to impose limitations on the size of files that can be transferred via electronic mail, at any time. We also reserve the right to end your service with us without notice; we further reserve the right to limit your account size and the size of files in that account to prevent illegal downloading. Services are checked on a regular basis.

As a #taja/TTi Member you are responsible for all use or misuse, of the channel/service your visitors go to with or without your knowledge or consent. You are responsible for them for whatever service they use on TTi, if they break the law, you are responsible!

#taja/TTi may only be used for lawful purposes. The use of the Internet may not be used to solicit or conspire about illegal activities. The account holder agrees not to use the account for any illegal activities, including but not limited to:

  • The storage, transmission, or distribution of child pornography, harassment, or threats. This includes anyone using the service to pose as a child trying to get someone to solicit them, and while this may go against law enforcement I feel that letting anyone do it for any reason even the law is unethical and illegal.
  • The storage, transmission, or distribution of protected material, without the express written permission of the holder of such protected rights.
  • Using the Internet to solicit or conspire about illegal activities.
  • In addition to the above guidelines, #taja/TTi services may not be used for any of the following:
  • Fraud or falsifying one's identity
  • Improper advertising
  • Chain letters and pyramid schemes
  • Unsolicited e-mail
  • Disruption or denial of service
  • Misuse of other services
  • Mail bombing and mail drop misuse
  • Misuse of abuse reporting
  • Inappropriate Usenet postings
  • Storing, transmitting, or distributing harmful files
  • Security violations of any #taja/TTi service or another service provider, do not think just because you're using a proxy we can't find you to enforce this rule.
  • IRC abuse
  • Reselling
  • Sale/Resale/Distribution of Copyrighted or Protected Materials/Documents/Movies/Music no matter what country you're in. (repeated here because no one seems to grasp the concept that copyrighted materials belong to the owner not you)
  • Violation Handling

    A violation of any part of the Terms and Conditions may result in any one or more of the following:

  • Verbal or written notification
  • Suspension of your Ops, or Channel Privy
  • Server K-Line or Server Ban
  • Removal or cancellation of User Ops, or Privy
  • Channel Ban
  • Legal action
  • Legal action where TTi may be asked to provide testimony against you.
  • Legal action by other entities, brought to their attention by TTi. (We have no problems telling people you screwed up.)
  • Cancellation of your account, which would include any of the following: ftp/http/email/forum or other service you are a party too.
  • While (#taja/TTi) is not under any obligation to act on any violation. #taja/TTi has no liability for any loss, damages, or hardship resulting from any action taken against your account in response to a violation. #taja/TTi will participate in any legal action against you if you violate any of these terms. Just because we don't have an obligation to doesn't mean we won't!

    See also, Rules for mIrc Users

    See also, Privacy Statement, this covers all services.



    Global Services
    SPAM: What is being done to combat it.
    This page is to inform both our customers and the general public what is being done to combat the growing issue of spam emanating from wholesale suppliers in the wake of the enormous growth of our business. If you have a need to report a spammer, please do so by sending as much detailed information about the offender as possible to the following address:

    Email Spam info to: abuse@taja.org

    Our staff will take your complaints very seriously and do all they are able to in any way to eliminate the originator of the UCE violation.

    Spam is a problem that is beginning to have a serious impact on the continued success of the Tajatech service and our customers. Due to the overwhelming growth of the Wholesale Dial-up market there has been an unfortunate expansion of spam originating from these Wholesale Dial-up ports. With hundreds of ISPs utilizing the Wholesale services to expand their national footprint, the likelihood of a spammer signing up with an ISP using the Wholesale services is rapidly increasing.
    The way spam is typically sent has continually evolved as new ways to combat and block it have been developed. The current trend in sending spam employs software that runs over a dial-up connection and connects directly to the mail port of the target. This is the hardest to block because it doesn't pass through any "mail relay" servers, on which anti-spam filters could be employed. The target has difficulty in stopping the attack without also blocking other legitimate mail from coming through. Once a spammer is identified, the account can be quickly identified and terminated.

    However, due to the success of the internet and the ISP market, many accounts can be obtained on a trial basis for little or no money, accounts can be activated over the phone with falsified information, and other tricks can be used to gain a "throw-away" account. ISPs can combat the proliferation of spam accounts, but due to market pressures, most do not scrutinize each account to ensure that it is not going to be used to spam. The further a company is from dealing with the individual end-users, the harder it becomes to scrutinize new accounts. It is not realistic to expect this of every ISP, and even when such monitoring is done, it cannot completely prevent this type of spam from being sent. Careful monitoring merely stops spammers from being able to spam with free accounts. Some would argue that once spammers are hit in the wallet, they will mend their ways and move on to something else. That is not likely to occur.

    This is the issue facing Tajatech today. There are too many spammers using too many "throw-away" accounts to continue to attempt to combat the problem. Therefore, we have implemented a proactive solution that helps to resolve this problem.
    The Problem Defined
    Mail uses TCP port 25 for sending and receiving mail between servers. Spam software either connects directly to TCP port 25 on the mail servers being targeted, or routes its mail though Open-Relay servers (mass email marketers call these "email friendly off-shore servers"). Because it connects either directly or indirectly in this fashion it is extremely difficult for the target server to block the incoming spam.
    The Solution

    Blocking port 25 is extremely easy to do, but one problem with blocking port 25 is that once done, legitimate users can no longer send email because they cannot connect back to their ISP's mail server. Maintaining a single filter to allow access back to each Wholesale customer's mail servers is not a scalable solution. Assuming that each ISP has a minimum of two mail servers, and factoring in the fact that there are already thousands of ISPs, there could be several thousand lines in the access list. Add in the fact that some ISP's have more than two mail servers, and that some Wholesale customers are in turn reselling the Wholesale service to yet more ISPs, and you suddenly have an extremely long and complex filter, a filter that has to be updated every time an ISP is added to the various Wholesale services, leaves the services, or has to change its server's IPs. This is not a viable option.

    Our solution is to apply global filters to our mail servers. Global filters are able to read the headers of incoming mail, and decide whether or not that mail contains enough criteria to warrant rejecting the message or not. Filters can be based on the name or ip address of the server connecting, the email address of the sender, the email address of the receiver, what is contained the subject line, or any combination of the above.

    Filtering has been extremely successful in blocking quite a bit of spam, but it is not enough. Spam continues to come from "Open-Relay" servers, and once identified, are blocked at our router and can no longer enter our network. The vast majority of these servers do not have a reverse DNS entry and are easily identifiable.

    Tajatech wants to work with all of our customers to make this process as transparent to the end-users as can be. We welcome any feedback that you may have regarding this solution. Please contact a Customer Service Representative with any questions or comments you may have.

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