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#Taja® Rules Page

Welcome to #Taja Everyone, TLC®... The Learning Channel!!!


You may print these rules for your purposes.

Welcome to TajaTech Networks. While we set the standards for what is acceptable here, we must all take responsibility for the quality of our experience. In this spirit, we have drawn up some rules to help everyone understand what is acceptable and what is not acceptable on #Taja on the mIRC Undernet. We are obligated to have our operators put the house rules in full force, as they provide the same end - to make #Taja a quality environment for all of our members. #Taja is a service, provided to you ("Member & Visitors") by #Taja and mIRC Undernet, Cservice and other #Taja Affiliates and any 3rd party providers subject to the terms of Cservice and #Taja House Rules. There may be other rules published from time to time for #Taja or any other affiliate channel. #Taja currently is provided as a free service to any member who agrees to abide by the Terms of Service and conditions of the House Rules. We reserve the right to change the nature of this relationship at any time. MEMBERS WHO VIOLATE THE TERMS OF THE HOUSE RULES MAY BE BANNED PERMANENTLY FROM USING MIRC, #TAJA OR BOTH. USING #Taja WILL CONSTITUTE ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THESE RULES. You may be entirely liable for all activities conducted through any member names, handles, or user names registered to your email address or IP address.

These are your rules for #Taja, and a list of Ops in the channel. The commands for Ops are at IRC Command

Executive Administrative Operators Level 500-400

  • USER: Robn^Hood ACCESS: 500 : Owner Channel Admin

  • USER: Will^Sclt ACCESS: 499 Channel Co-Admin
  • USER: Laptop (Server Bot) ACESSS: 495 The Bot
  • USER: Darkmistress ACCESS: 400 Channel Junior Admin

    Junior Administrative Operators Level 399-200

  • USER: U4ia ACCESS: 399 Admin in Training

  • USER: MorbidLP (In rememberance Valentin, Kenneth N. 35, of N. Miami Beach, died 04/07/07) ACCESS: 350 Channel Official

  • USER: NightDragon ACCESS: 350 Channel Official
  • USER: Leeanne ACCESS: 250 Channel Offical
  • USER: Latecall ACCESS: 250 Channel Offical

    Channel Operators Level 199-100

  • USER: Habitman ACCESS: 100 Channel Op
  • USER: St0ned ACCESS: 100 Channel Op
  • USER: Colle ACCESS: 100 Channel Op

    Operators in Training Temp-Ops Level 99-1

  • USER: Zoness ACCESS: 50 Op in Training
  • USER: MrLynd ACCESS: 50 Op in Training
  • USER: (None)

    Please Read All The Rules!

    Please Note that these rules are for Channel #taja on mIRC Undernet servers, they do not apply to any other channel serviced by this web page.

    "¶" denotes a point of order in the following set of rules!!!

    Rule #1: Majority Rules here!

    Rule #2: There are no bots other than X, Fryr^Tuck and any bot used for training or setup purposes that are allowed in channel, and absolutely no clones or you can or will be kicked! (except during netsplits) You will be given 1 warning, then could be kicked or banned! No unauthorized oping!

    Rule #3:This is a Rated PG-17 Channel.
             ¶ No Pervs Allowed except for channel members and honored guests!
             ¶ No Sex Channels Period!!!
             ¶ No abusive language or vulgar cursing will be tolerated in this channel. Although some cursing is permissible.
             ¶ You will be given 1 warning, then could be kicked or banned!
             ¶ Most of all please be nice to each other. This is a community so please treat it as such. NO HARASSMENT, NO DISCRIMINATION! If someone asks you to leave him or her alone do so. If you have been told by this person that your behavior is discriminitory or offensive, or if you do not leave the person alone you could be kicked or banned without question or warning. We are all adults here!
             ¶ No being in illegal channels at same time as in this one! This includes (but not limited to.) any channel which would be considered illegal in the United States or other countries. Blackwhitelover is not included as an illegal channel, nor is lesbianlove or bisexual. Etc… because even though some people think they are inappropriate…it is not our place to decide or descriminate.

    Rule #4: Topic should remain as close to the channel purpose, which is "THE LEARNING CHANNEL"
             ¶ Modes for #taja are NT L +? the limit floats as people go in and out and they are not to be changed by anyone except the 500 Op and or his registered bot or appointed person!! See
    Channel Purposes & Objectives!

    Rule #5: If you are absent for any meeting your vote will be taken by proxy, and will act as if you were neutral to each measure. So try to attend!
             ¶ A Meeting of channel members is held once a month usually!
             ¶ Everyone including non-members are welcomed, as meetings are open to the public.
             ¶If the meeting is deemed mandatory by the calling Operator (400+ Op) and you do not show or attempt to show, you will be suspended by the house rules for no less then 24 hours and no longer then 7 days from the time of the meeting.
             ¶ "Exceptions to the suspension will be granted if prior notice is given to a senior executive (level 450+ Op) for out-of norm situations." The situations are to be decided by the senior executive ops that have been notified, they will decide if this is warranted as an exception.........

    Rule #6: You may stay silent for no longer than 24 hrs.
             ¶ There is no lurking in #Taja!
             ¶ Idles will be refered to as lurking and dealt with as such.
             ¶ If you use #Taja for purposes other than #Taja purposes, (I.E.) to keep your connection active, you will be immediately banned for 2 hours.
             ¶ If your going to be away for long periods of time (greater than 24 hrs), make sure your have one of the following post-cursors after your nick AWAY, BRB, AFK, GONE, OUT, STORE, ETC something so we know your away from your computer.
             ¶ If your going to be away for long periods and you are an operator deop yourself and make sure you marked away.
             ¶ If you are AFK or BRB, you can stay in channel no longer then 24 hrs max, or you will be kicked out of the channel.
             ¶ If your in the channel you must be chatting,(unless you are alone with X) or you can be kicked out, or banned from the channel, for breaking this rule.(ban shall be no more then 60 minutes)
             ¶ Chatting is not just saying hello to anyone that comes in the channel either!
             ¶ I do monitor channel statistics 24hrs a day useing a bot program, that uses my nick as Fryr^Tuck, it statistics can be used to tell me whether or not you were chatting.
             ¶ Posting of materials other then standard chat are asked to be kept at a minimum, and the posting of pvt chats and dcc chats is not permitted without the concent of the other party(s)

    Rule #7: If you are kick/banned you have a right to object to that kick/ban, but you must ask the Op who kick/banned you!
             ¶ Executive level ops (400+ ops) can approached on regular ops decisions should someone in channel have a problem that cannot be resolved through the normal chain of command!!!
             ¶ These rules are set for a reason. If you violate a rule, you will be told which one, and why. (Only if you ask, or do not know)
             ¶ If you harass the Op who warned/banned/deoped/kicked, after the explanation is given, you will not be allowed back in channel for 14 days.

    Rule #8: Punishments Imposed for Failure to Obey rules or Regulations shall consist of a combination of a kick, a temp ban, a perm ban or all, and shall last no longer than 14 days, and if the infractions continue you shall be banned on a permanent basis.

    Rule #9: Please do not disregard others feeling in this channel, there are many of us here.
             ¶ If your going to play a joke, etc, please tell the other party you were joking, if not, you could be banned and kicked for harassment.
             ¶ Also please refrain from using someone else’s nickname, use your own. Use of another persons nickname without there knowledge is an offense.
             ¶ The Bot only allows you to change your nickname 4 times in any one-hour period.

    Rule #10: If your from another channel on IRC and come to #taja to cause or create problems for anyone you will be immediately banned!!!
             ¶ If you bring another channels problems into #taja you could be kicked/banned for it!! WE DO NOT CARE WHO YOU ARE OR WHERE YOUR FROM!!!
             ¶ Due to Hacker Activities, all email addresses will be removed from the web page. If you do not trust someone mask your IP, and do not give him or her your email address.

    Rule #11: Any disagreements between the Ops In this channel will be presented for discussion within 7 days of the event, and handled by a committee of your peers!

    Rule #12: All Ops are voted or appointed into their positions as op's, they are responsible for their own actions as ops.
             ¶ As a #Taja Member you are responsible for all use or misuse, of this channel with or without your knowledge or consent.(See also
             ¶ You are held accountable for any person's actions taken on your computer, borrowed or otherwise, even if its a guest useing your computer, at anytime! You are the one responsible for all or any guests.
             ¶ If you have a problem with someone, or something, you may not bring it to another op to handle in open channel, unless it concerns everyone in channel. Use dcc or pvt msg to talk to the ops or senior members, and or use the link in Rule #14
             ¶ Any problem you have must be handled within 7 days of the event and handled by a committee of your peers, and if you disagree with a rule, or any action taken there is a email link, for complaints at the end of Rule #14, this is where you make your complaints, if you bring them up in the channel any other time, besides a meeting or during the committee meeting YOU COULD BE IMMEDIATELY BANNED! That is what meetings and the committees are for and that is the purpose for the link in Rule #14!
             ¶ Operators (ops) can be replaced, removed, or given a different level of "OPS" after a panel of your Exec ops (400+) that are appointed to decide to remove you or lower your ops.
             ¶ All 400+ ops must answer to the channel owner, and no one else

    Rule #13:Wanting to be an op, go here first!!!!
    Op Requirements!!!!

    Rule #14: Please enjoy yourself.
             ¶ This channel was created to learn and to have fun learning.
             ¶ If you have questions, comments, or complaints concerning anything about Channel #Taja please feel free to email
    Taja anytime.

    Rule #15: ¶ Regarding Mp3 in this channel, playing of your mp3's is permitted, except during meetings, trading of mp3's is strictly forbidden. Failure to obey this rule will result in an immediate ban, and possible c-line, or k-line if cservice is notified!

    Please email me when you have finished reading the rules! If you have any questions, comment or suggestions, about the rules only, Thanks! Taja

    These rules are all negotiable with the some exception!
    Some Rules are mandate and unchangeable as per majority vote!

    We would like to thank you for your loyal patronage to #Taja. This channel being open for your use will reward all the time and effort you put forward.

    Everyone here at #Taja thanks you!!



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