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#Taja is a mIRC Undernet Channel and was registered July 01, 1998. It has been in service since November 03, 1997, is a public access point for mIRC and is a Learning Channel. It includes many Links to other fine Web Pages. Please Enjoy!

Purposes & Objectives

#Taja on the MIRC Undernet is here to teach you that Knowledge is power, and that learning does not end with the school day or work day. It ends when only when you stop asking "WHY"!!!

#Taja was created in 1997, as a place to learn mIrc commands for ops, and channel managers. In the past years the channel has grown to teach other then IRC command, but to teach the basics of IRC in general. We have seen the teaching of computer fundamentals, organizational skills, and computer chat etiquette for other channels as well as in #Taja. Many fine people have gone on to own their own channels on the Internet Relay Chat Networks, some have even become inspired enough to run their own businesses online. #Taja is a worldwide school. If you have questions, then by all means ask them! We are here to teach you what we can, and if we cannot help you we will try to find someone who can. Most people here in #Taja know something of computers or they would never even have made it into the channel. Being Computer Illiterate is not a Crime, we consider it to be the Punishment, because sometimes the high price of computers is what stops people from getting familiar with the technology! We are here to serve you. Then one day when you're ready you will be teaching others.

Hence the name Taja, which literally translates to "Truth and Justice Always", go ahead and laugh and say it sounds like a super hero story, but we believe that this channel is somewhat of a miracle. In here we learn the truths to why computers do what they do, why they do it, and how we can get more out of these machines. We will teach you everything you need to know from the basics, to the advanced. You need help you got it. You need a friend, or a shoulder you got that too, because this channel is not just about learning computers, it's also about learning life. We are here for everyone. The channel is open 24-7 and you can come here anytime you like. Our overall objective and purposes for this channel are TEACH, TEACH, and LEARN!!! Please Have Fun!!!!!! We also provide mIRC Communication Programs, Multimedia Developmental Tools and Resources!

Also here at TajaTech, International we believe that to get anywhere in life, you need to ask the questions, also meaning that you must question everything no matter how trivial it may seem. Because asking the right questions, may just lead to the right answers. We all know the right answers; it is just a matter of applying what we know. Objectives are not necessary, nor do you have to have motivation to ask a question. Not saying that objectives and motivation are not good, you just need to question them consistently to make sure you're on the right path. Just ask it. I am sure that there are answers. Remember also, the only dumb questions are the ones left unasked.

If you come here and don't want to learn anything, (i.e.) say you just want to chat, or be around people, then that's ok too, you're always welcome!!

Back to the rules!!



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