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Since 1997, Tajatech has provided superior, flexible and customized services.
You can merely be on the Net, or you can be one of the real players! With Tajatech as your technology partner, you can put together an Internet presence that leverages the real power of the Internet to cut costs, pump up revenues, and blow the competition out of the water!

Tajatech offers top-level Internet expertise, customized services, and business process know-how, to help you take the Net's business potential to the max. Anyone can go on the Internet. With Tajatech, you can rule it!


This is the #taja Http, Ftp and Email Service Directory

Taja http services and ftp services have been in the works since October 1999, and are now in full effect if your seeing this page. Ftp service, or (file transfere protocol) has been in service for months now, this allows Taja (owner of #taja on the mirc undernet) to maintain the main web page and all its subsidiary data, on his computer, which acts as a web server. With ISDN connections and 56K dial-ups to come in the future, #taja has grown more then even the founders had ever anticipated. Check in here from time to time, to see other services when there added. Thanks everyone.

Email services provided to #taja members and friends uses the Tajatech Main Server, under the idea that anyone with a yourname@taja.org addy, has mail through this server, although there is no setup required on your part, the mail is delivered via a bounce to your standard email account. Say you have a hotmail account as your main mail, taja.org addies just bounce the mail to the hotmail account. I did this to save members setup time, although it does require more space on the server. It has been no big deal.

Ftp Server: Activation 10-01-99

Http Server: Activation 12-28-99

Taja Web Page: Activation 11-07-97

Email Server: Activation 06-21-2000

Cable: Activation 03-13-2001

T1: Provided by

World Wide Web Main Server:
Tajatech Main Server

World Wide Web Main Ftp:Contact me for Account Information
Tajatech FTP Main



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