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#Taja Search Engine

**All Links, Codeing, html, or Information Provided On these web pages are copyrighted to their respective owners, and have no direct affiliation with #taja on the mIRC network, or TajaTech, Intl. These are hyperlinked pages. The views and opinions expressed by any or all of the links aren't necessarily ours. We are not, necessarily in any way, affiliated with any of the links associated with this page. Nor do we claim that this information is accurate and up to date, or that the information will be what your need!**

Below are lists of hyperlinks to various websites, by clicking on the underlined blue text (links) your browser will redirect itself to that web page. We have provided links to a few of the more common and easy to use search engines available on the World Wide Web.


Internet Search Engines and Other Places to Get Started

Yahoo is a searchable and easily browsable hierarchical index of the Internet. We recommend Yahoo as a great starting point for surfing the

AltaVista is a powerful search engine, taking
any text you supply it and matching that against
millions of web sites!

Excite allows you to personalize your own news, weather, reminders, and services, as well as
search the web.

Infoseek has a variety of different options for
finding what you're looking for, either typing in
exactly what you want, or browsing through the
various subject headings.

Metacrawler lets you search not only the web,
but stock quotes, the newsgroups, and other
resources such as the Yellow Pages, Maps
& Directions.

Lycos is a good search engine if you want to
look for a general topic and narrow it down to
something specific.

Search.com allows you to search not only their database of information, but also searches the
Top 11 search engines on the net.

WhoWhere helps you find e-mail addresses,
Home page URL's, and Internet phone numbers.
It's also multi-lingual.

Online News and Magazines

CNN - From the headlines of world and US
news, to sports and Sci-Tech, CNN Interactive
has just about everything.

C|Net Online online shopping and tech products
along with games, special reports and many
other useful gadgets.

ABC News is an excellent source for the days headlines and special stories that they are
working on.

The Weather Channel is a great resource for local, national, and international weather. They even have audio and video of the top weather story if it's exciting.

MSNBC covers mostly national and world news, politics, and technology, but also has resources for just about every other kind of news you're looking for.

CNBC.com covers top events world-wide, provides program listings for NBC programs, stock quotes and media clips.

News.com from the wonderful folks at the other Cnet. Keep yourself up-to-date on all the new tech info with one stop!

Deja News provides access for what is claimed to be the worlds largest collection of USENET news articles.

ZDNNews keeps up-to-date information on the technology world available right at your mouse click along with featured daily columns.

Wired News is updated daily with computer, internet, and otherwise technical stuff - but that's not all. Great source for keeping up to date in the tech world - now with e-mail updates.



Regional Sites of Interest

The South Dakota Regional Directory has links to traveling, sports, businesses and lifestyles. Pictures of the Blackhills, and the Surrounding Communities.

The #Taja online Group has event schedules, general information on Taja, local area government and educational resources.

South Dakota Dept of Education great source for Educational information in South Dakota State.

The Weather Underground up to date weather information for the United States, and surrounding countries


Other Sites of Interest

http://www.ed.gov/pubs/parents/internet/ A Parents Guide to the Internet from the US Dept of Education.

WinFiles.com go here for the latest in Microsoft Windows shareware.

Annoyances.org something wrong with windows? Maybe you should check out this site.

Net Nanny Software to filter suggestive Internet material for children.



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