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#Taja® WSFTP Setup Page

Welcome to #Taja Everyone, TLC®... The Learning Channel!!!


This is the setup page for the Taja FTP site only FTP Site

IRC Command Center

Configuring WS-FTP
  • Double click on the WS-FTP icon to launch the program.
  • You will see the Session Properties window appear, click
    on the General tab and fill in the following information :

    Profile Name : Taja Fserver
    Host Name/Address : taja.dynip.com
    Host Type : Automatic Detect
    User ID : (your userid)
    Password :(your web password)

    WS-FTP  image1

  • Click on Startup tab to key in your default remote directory,
    which is d:\ (Initial Local Directory is c:\ the directory in
    which you store all your html and image files.)

    WS-FTP image 2

  • Click on APPLY to save all settings made so far.
  • Click the advanced tab (no picture available) choose your port which is 21 for taja.dynip.com, and checkmark passive transfere. Then hit
    apply to save settings.
  • Hit OK to connect to the ftp server. Once you are connected,
    you will see the screen which the left-hand side window shows your current local directory contents and the right-hand side window shows the contents of your homepage directory at taja.dynip.com

WS-FTP image 3

  • To upload a file, highlight onto the file(s) which you want to
    transfer to your homepage server and click on the WS-FTP image 4 button.
    To download, highlight onto the file(s) on the remote end
    and click the WS-FTP iamge 5 button.
  • To exit, click on the Exit button.

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