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Welcome to #Taja Everyone, TLC®... The Learning Channel!!!


Volume Page

Welcome to #Taja Everyone, TLC®... The Learning Channel!!!


Having "DIFFICULTIES" with your Volume Controls in Windows, well your not alone in this struggle. Microsoft did not make this easy for even the average person, and the volume controls are very touchy!!! Be careful when messing with the settings. You may end up with something that looks and sounds like "Peewee Herman" All kidding aside though these instructions should help you with the task of changes you want to make. If not contact Support@taja.rapidnet.com with questions or concerns.

In the 'Control Panel' window, double-click the 'Multimedia' icon. Click the 'Audio' tab. Either slide the 'Volume' slider right, or click the button in the 'Playback' group, slide the 'Volume Control' slider, and close the dialog box. to close the 'Multimedia Properties' dialog box, click 'OK'.

1) Click 'Start' on the Windows taskbar. (The 'Start' menu appears.)

2) Select 'Settings' and select 'Control Panel'. (The 'Control Panel' window appears.)

3) Double-click the 'Multimedia' icon. (The 'Multimedia Properties' dialog box appears.)

4) Click the 'Audio' tab.

5) Do one of the following:

a) If you are running Windows 95 without the desktop update:

1] To increase the system volume, slide the 'Volume' slider to the right.

2] Clear the 'Mute all' check box.

b) If you are running Windows 98, or Windows 95 with the desktop update:

1] In the 'Playback' group, click the button to the left of the 'Preferred device' drop-down list box. (The 'Volume Control' dialog box appears.)

2] To increase the volume, slide the 'Volume' slider.

3] Clear the 'Mute all' check box.

4] To close the 'Volume Control' dialog box, click the close window button.

6) To close the 'Multimedia Properties' dialog box, click 'OK'.

7) To close the 'Control Panel' window, select the 'File' menu and select 'Close'. NOTE: If you type the e-mail address in the 'Address' drop-down list box, all Iparty participants must be logged onto the same directory server.

8)Alternate method: If the speaker Icon appears in the lower right corner (near the clock) double click that Icon, the Volume Properties Box will open. Click on File, then click properties from the drop down menu. Then go to Recording (if it's a microphone problem), Click OK, then choose microphone in the list. Then the Record Properties box will appear, your Microphone should be listed there, with a volume control. Make sure the Select Box is checked and the slider bar0turned up! Then Close!



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